SoundPLAN - Wall Design Module

The SoundPLAN Wall Design Module sets a new benchmark for the optimization of noise barriers and berms.

SoundPLAN - Sound Propagation Modeling Software
SoundPLAN v8 Manager GUI

SoundPLAN is an acoustic ray tracing program for noise propagation prediction written by the German acoustical consul

SoundPLAN - essential

SoundPLAN-essential is a single document application including all the basic information for noise c

SoundPLAN Library
SoundPLAN Source Emission Library with Directivity Example

The SoundPLAN software organizes data library as System, Global and Project Libraries. 

Geographical - Database
SoundPLAN Geo Database User Inerface

All geometry data or model objects is entered into Geo-Files or Layers.  With one o

Run Kernel - Calculation

The Calculation Program consists of three elements.

SoundPLAN Road Module
SoundPLAN Road Model - 3D View Oakland Bridge

In 2001 the SoundPLAN developer implemented the FHWA Traffic Noise Model (TNM ™).

SoundPLAN Rail Module

SoundPLAN Rail Noise Module allows the development of noise projects with rail road traffic and park

SoundPLAN Industrial Module

The SoundPLAN industrial noise modeling is unique.

SoundPLAN Indoor Factory

The Indoor Factory Noise Module calculates the noise levels inside manufacturing rooms based opon VDI 3760.

SoundPLAN Grid Noise Module

Spacing of receivers and height above the ground are user selectable.

SoundPLAN Facade Noise Module

The Façade Noise Map arranges receivers to be calculated on all façades of buildings.

SoundPLAN Cartography Module

The Cartography module allows advanced graphic features for all SoundPLAN Graphics.  The Cartography module add addit

SoundPLAN Distributed Computing

Distributed Computing speeds up lengthy calculations by distributing the application on any number o

SoundPLAN - Cross Section Map Module
HVAC on Commercial Building with Noise Barrier

The SoundPLAN Cross Section Map Module allows the prediction of sound pressure levels on an equidistant vertical grid