Data Physics - Data Acquisition Systems
SignalCalc® Dynamic Signal Analyzers

Founded in 1984, the Data Physics Corporation has been supplying high performance vibration control and dynamic signal analysis solutions.   Since 1998 Navcon Engineering Network has been using Data Physics Analyzers for consulting services.  Since 2000 all data acquisition processed during the Hands-On Modal seminars have be conduct with the Data Physics Dynamic Signal Analyzers (Quattro, Abacus). 

In 2010, Navcon become a reseller for Data Physics Dynamic Signal Analyzers and Shaker Systems.  Navcon Engineering provides support to compile customize solutions for companies, laboratories and test facilities by integrating complete systems including sensors, transducers, data acquisition, data reduction and analysis tools.

Data Physics offers three main product lines:

  • SignalCalc® Dynamic Signal Analyzers
  • SignalStar® Vibration Control Systems
  • SignalForce® Shakers, Amplifiers and Accessories