Wind Energy Project - Noise Impact Analysis

Navcon Engineering was contracted to create a three dimensional (3D) analytical model for a proposed Wind Energy project with the objectives:

  • to generate a 3D analytical noise model
  • to predict the construction noise impact
  • to predict and quantify the future noise impact during full operation of the Wind Energy project
  • to evaluating the impact for different wind conditions & directions to considering back ground noise levels for the overall impact

Based upon the results of the noise model the client evaluated different wind turbine layouts to minimize the noise impact on the adjacent rural community.  The predicted noise contours were instrumental in the layout planning. 

Model shows:

  • 3D Terrain Grid Model & Elevation Lines
  • 4 Point Source representing the Wind Turbines
Model Result Presentation

  1. 3D Noise Contour Map
  2. Topographical Map (Top Left)
  3. 2D Noise Contour Map