Blast Noise Measurements
Blast Noise Test with High Pressure Microphone

Navcon Engineering Network has conducted numerous Blast Overpressure and Heat Flux measurement surveys for both commercial and military applications.

The data is typically used to assess the suitability of containment shelters and personnel injury when subjected to extreme pressure waves and temperature gradients.

Navcon measurement systems can record blast over pressures greater than 185 dB (10 PSI) at sample rates of 260 kHz. [ Reference MIL-STD-1474D, MIL-STD-398, MIL-STD-882, MIL-STD-2105C, ...]. Navcon has also conducted many lower level blast noise surveys recording automotive airbag deployments, construction pile driving, rock crushing operations, mold shop hammers, etc.

The graphic is a sample Blast Overpressure measurement (x-scale time vs. y-scale PSI).  The picture above shows an array of three Blast Overpressure Probes used to measure the pressure wave generated during an explosive test.

The picture shows a Blast Overpressure Probe and a Heat Flux Sensor.

The graphic is a sample Heat Flux measurement and calculation.