Dynamic Design Solutions ("DDS") is the developer of the FEMtools software.

Dynamic Design Solutions ("DDS") is an independent and privately owned developer of CAE software tools for a growing number of applications that exploit the combined use of experimental test data and finite element analysis data and for integrating and automating different CAE tools. Dynamic Design Solutions is a technology leader in updating Finite Element (FE) models using static or dynamic reference test data. FEMtools Products Overview FEMtools is a multi-functional, cross-platform and solver-independent family of CAE software programs providing analysis and scripting solutions for many different types of applications. Product Configurations FEMtools consists of various tools that are licensed as the following standard configurations:

  • FEMtools Framework - An interactive desktop and scripting environment for engineering analysis and CAE process automations.
  • FEMtools Dynamics - Advanced finite element solutions for simulating dynamic response and structural dynamic modifications.
  • FEMtools Pretest & Correlation – A complete solution for modal pretest analysis and model validation using test-analysis correlation.
  • FEMtools Optimization - An integrated solution for structural design optimization.
  • FEMtools Model Updating – An integrated solution for structural dynamics simulation, model validation and updating.
  • FEMtools Full Version - The full product combining FEMtools Model Updating and FEMtools Optimization.

The program is available in native versions on Windows OS and popular Unix OS platforms and integrates in an existing CAE environment through direct data interfaces.

FEMtools is used by FEA analysts, test engineers, application developers and integrators, engineering consultants, academic researchers, and R&D engineers. For each of these users profiles, FEMtools offers specific benefits.

Optional FE Data Interface and Driver Add-on Modules

FEMtools configuration can be complemented with the following add-ons for FEA integration:

  • ABAQUS Interface and Driver Add-On for FEMtools –Imports and exports INP files, imports FIL files.
  • ANSYS Interface and Driver Add-On for FEMtools – Imports and exports CDB file, imports RST and EMAT files.
  • NASTRAN Interface and Driver Add-On for FEMtools – Imports and exports bulk data file, imports OP2 files, punch files and OUTPUT4 files.
  • UNIVERSAL FILE (I-DEAS) Interface and Driver Add-On for FEMtools – Imports and exports I-DEAS Universal Files.


Optional Analysis Add-on Modules

FEMtools Modal Parameter Extractor
Extracts the modal parameters from a set of measured FRFs or cross power spectra. This add-on also includes a command library for Digital Signal Processing.

FEMtools Rigid Body Properties Extractor
Extracts the rigid body properties of a structure from a set of measured FRFs.