Blast Noise Measurements
Blast Noise Test with High Pressure Microphone

Navcon Engineering Network has conducted numerous Blast Overpressure and Heat Flux measurement surveys for both comme

Building Acoustic Measurements

Navcon Engineering is conducts architectural measurement surveys to verify the acoustic quality of new or existing co

Gas Compressor Station

As part of a Natural Gas Pipeline construction, a Natural Gas Compressor Station was installed in a rural community.

Gas Compressor Sound Power Test

A Gas Turbine Manufacture asked Navcon Engineering to measure the sound power emission from a Gas Expanding Turbine P

Wind Energy Project - Noise Impact Analysis

Navcon Engineering was contracted to create a three dimensional (3D) analytical model for a proposed Wind Energy proj

Noise Mapping Services

Navcon Engineering measured Sound Pressure Levels within a plant.

Noise Barrier Optimization
Optimizing Noise Barrier Mitigation - Cost vs. Benefit Analysis

A Noise Barrier Optimization conducted by Navcon Engineers for a Light Rail System.

HVAC Noise Analysis

An HVAC Noise Analysis was conducted by Navcon Engineers for a new Portable School.

Railroad Noise Impact Study

Navcon Engineering optimized a noise barrier along an existing Light Rail System.

Roller Coaster Noise Impact Study

An Amusement Park in Florida planned the addition of a 4500 ft long Roller Coaster in the Eastern edge of the park.

Noise Consulting Services Overview

Noise has a multitude of effects on our environment and society.  As part of modern civilizations standards and legal

Acoustic & Product Noise Testing

Navcon engineers conduct specification tests (sound pressure, sound power, acoustic intensity) in accordance with ANS

Noise Model Peer Review

Navcon Engineering Network provides peer review services for SoundPLAN Outdoor and Indoor noise models.